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Blue Mediterran Apartmanház
Cím: 8230 Balatonfüred, Mikes u. 29/b
Telefon 87/481-505, 70/201-0500, 70/201-0501
Fax 87/481-505

Bognár Ház
Cím: 8171 Balatonvilágos, Dobó út 115.
Telefon 88/480-645, 20/9455 772
Nyitva tartás folyamatos
living accomodationKitchenDogs allowedNon-smokingNo. of rooms/bedsFor wheelchairHoliday chequeWater-side ... mFridgeBicycle storage placeBarbecueAir-conditioningMinibarEvent managementPrivate parking facilityRoom safeTelephoneTelevision

Brenner Gold Kemping
Cím: 2484 Gárdony-Agárd, Üdülõk útja 17.
Telefon 22/579-187, 30/562-9269
Fax 22/579-188
Nyitva tartás egész évben
A kupon nyomtatásához kattintson ide
Szolgáltatásaink: You can find our one hectare camping site directly on the Lake of Velence. There are 8 en suite wooden bungalows for our visitors on holiday. You have the possibility to have your caravan parked here throughout the year. We have our own beach on the lake and a closed car park for the convenience of our guests. Angling, boating, barbecue, garden grilling, live music at weekend are available.
Room with bathGarden placeDirect access to water-sidePrivate garden poolCamping siteFor wheelchairHoliday chequeFridgeBarbecuePrivate parking facilityBeer pubTelevisionPierAnglingPing-pongDance, musicliving accomodationNo. of rooms/beds

Csizmarik Apartman
Cím: 8258 Badacsonytomaj, Kodály út 45.
Telefon 87/471-104, 30/450-5759
Szolgáltatásaink: The independent apartment can be found in a quiet environment at the fringe of a forest 1200 m away from the lido, with a closed yard and parking lot. Living-room with TV, equipped kitchen, bathroom with shower, 2 rooms with 4 beds and 2 extra beds. Holiday cheques are accepted.
KitchensuiteNo. of rooms/bedsFridgeBarbecuePrivate parking facilityTelevisionFootball pitchTour

Dévényi Vendégház
Cím: 8419 Csesznek, Sarok köz 1.
Telefon 88/436-067, 30/216-2429
Nyitva tartás egész évben
A kupon nyomtatásához kattintson ide
Szolgáltatásaink: In the yard of the boarding house our guests have the opportunity to have barbecue (kettle cooking, bacon frying on open fire). For the children there is a play ground with swing. Quiet surrounding, clean air, grass yard, wooden swing and playing facilities guarantee a first class rest. A little walk in the woods can serve as enjoyable relaxation looking at the sites of interest nearby.
Room with bathGarden placeKitchenNon-smokingCamping siteNo. of rooms/bedsHoliday chequeInternetPlaying groundBarbecuePrivate parking facilityTelevisionTourBeer pubAnimal pattingFootball pitchAnglingHorse-riding

Dukánné Reisinger Mária
Cím: 8409 Úrkút, Erdõ u. 8.
Telefon 88/230-113

Dunaalmási Lovarda
Cím: 2545 Dunaalmás, Duna sor 9.
Telefon 34/450-407, 30/309-2830
Nyitva tartás egész évben
Szolgáltatásaink: Equestrian opportunities: tour riding, equestrian camp, horse riding therapy, carriage riding, barouche riding, sledging in winter, archery, medieval games. Apartments (4 x2 rooms), bathing, angling, children’s opportunity for pet animals’ stroking.
For wheelchairAnglingHorse-ridingFridgePrivate parking facilityRoom with bathMedicinal waterSaunaDogs allowedDirect access to water-sideWatercraft for hireBicycle for hireNo. of rooms/bedsBarbecueMassageTelephoneInternetVillage accomodation
KitchenCamping siteBicycle storage placePlaying groundPrivate garden poolSports equipment for hireHoliday cheque

Emília Vendégház
Cím: 8220 Balatonalmádi, Mikszáth út 9.
Telefon 88/430-182
Szolgáltatásaink: The bulidings are 100 metres far away from each other, in them there are apartmans with 3x(2+2), 1⁄4, 2/3, 3/2 beds, and rooms with 4/3 and 4/2 beds and private bathrooms and toilettes. In the apartmans colour television and well-equipped kitchens are available for the guests. The houses are 500 metres far away from the water and 100 metres far away from the shops. In the yard of our guest house an open swimming-pool is available for our guests, in the garden there is grill facility, in the yard there is free parking facility.
AnglingSolariumHorse-ridingFridgePrivate parking facilityBowlingWinecellarPizzeriaBeer pubWater-side ... mSwimming poolBarbecueTennisMassagePastry-shopTelephoneInternetKitchen
PierBicycle storage placeTelevisionPlaying groundPrivate garden poolHoliday cheque

Éva Apartman
Cím: 8258 Badacsonytomaj, Uttörõ ut 10.
Telefon 87/471-884, 20/4466-403

Fallabda Centrum és Apartmanház
Cím: 2931 Almásfüzítő, Sport u. 1.
Telefon 34/348-022
Fax 34/348-022
Nyitva tartás 07.00-24.00
Szolgáltatásaink: All the people wanting to relax or go in for sports are welcome to the town Almásfüzítő, near to sports complex. There are 2 – 3 – 4 bed apartments at the disposal of our guests. Playing squash is most enjoyable with us.
Air-conditioningFor wheelchairWinecellarBarDance, musicFridgePrivate parking facilityRoom with bathSaunaGarageBeer pubDogs allowedNo. of rooms/bedsBarbecueSquashDartsTelephoneInternet
ExchangeBicycle storage placeTelevisionPlaying groundBilliard
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