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Tízéves a SPAR partner program
2022-09-20 14:37:12
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2022-09-18 14:44:18

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Sa-Dett Kft.
Cím: 4034 Debrecen, Huszár Gál u. 59.

Sárga Apartmanház
Cím: 8230 Balatonfüred, Nádor u. 59.
Telefon 87/481-505, 70/201-0500, 70/201-0501
Fax 87/481-505

Schmuck Vendégház
Cím: 2852 Kecskéd, Vasút út 66.
Telefon 34/478-150, Fax:34/478-383
Fax 34/478-383
Nyitva tartás Egész évben
Szolgáltatásaink: 3 separate entrance apartments with all modern conveniences (cooking facilities) await our guests in a peaceful village environment. There is a lawn garden, opportunity for angling and pleasure flight.
Room with bathKitchenHoliday chequeGarageFridgeBarbecueTelevisionExcursion flightAngling

Sörényes Udvarház
Cím: 8426 Pénzesgyőr, Kõris u. 2.
Telefon 88/448-039, 30/335-4546
Fax 88/448-039
Nyitva tartás egész évben
Szolgáltatásaink: We await our guests who lives roaming and coach driving in our guest house, which can be found the environment of Magas – Bakony, during the year. In summer: you can learn how to deal with horses, riding in four turns. Our four-horse carriage with ornamental coach is available for the best moments of life.
Horse-ridingFridgePrivate parking facilityRoom with bathDogs allowedNo. of rooms/bedsBarbecueKitchenTelevisionPlaying groundFootball pitch

Tapolca Apartmanház
Cím: 8300 Tapolca, Tavasz u. 15.
Telefon 87/510-413, 20/340-5067
Nyitva tartás egész évben
Szolgáltatásaink: We offer 4 apartmans and some rooms of a trim-furnished new house with full comfortable equipment and air-condition. Tapolca lies 10 kilometres far away from the Balaton, it waits its guests with termal bath, swimming pool, and the beautiful trip places of the environment.
BowlingAir-conditioningFridgePrivate parking facilityRoom with bathPing-pongBicycle for hireNo. of rooms/bedsKitchenBicycle storage placeTelevisionHoliday cheque

Tündér - Apartmanház
Cím: 8420 Zirc, Tündérmajor
Telefon 70/250-65-51
Nyitva tartás Egész évben
Szolgáltatásaink: 2 km away from Zirc in the Bakony mountains, apartments for 2+2 persons equipped with TV, fireplace, bathroom, kitchen, located at a quiet place near a forest with own lake and a 500 m landing strip. Leisure programs: grill, excursions to Bakony, bathing, angling, riding, pleasure flight with helicopter. Winter programs: skiing (ski track of Eplény in a 10 km distance), motor-sledging, skating, equestrian sledge.
living accomodationRoom with bathGarden placeKitchenDirect access to water-sidePrivate garden poolCamping siteFridgeBicycle storage placeBarbecuePrivate parking facilityTelevisionAnimal pattingAnglingExcursion flightTourHunting

Vaáryék Vendégháza
Cím: 8553 Lovászpatona, Kossuth u. 37.
Telefon 89/345-641, 70/450-5708
Nyitva tartás egész évben
Szolgáltatásaink: Our guest house can be found between Pápa and Gyr with a half hectare green area. House-proud cuisine on demand, wine cellars, and it is also ideal place for children. Wild watching, taking part in hunting as a follower, flower arrangement.
FridgePrivate parking facilityNo. of rooms/bedsBarbecueVillage accomodationKitchenCamping siteBicycle storage placeTelevisionPlaying ground

Vadrózsa Vendégház
Cím: 8598 Ódöbrönte, Ódöbrönte
Telefon 89/317-904, 20/444-2760, 70/337-6433
Fax 89/317-904
Nyitva tartás egész évben
Szolgáltatásaink: We are waiting for our dear visitors our new guest house with apartments. It can be found along Bitva stream, in a Baroque surroundings in one of the romantic woods of Bakony.
AnglingHorse-ridingFridgePrivate parking facilityRoom with bathPing-pongGarageDogs allowedBicycle for hireNo. of rooms/bedsBarbecueHuntingTelephoneVillage accomodationKitchenCamping siteTelevisionPlaying ground

Vadvirág vendéglő és Fogadó
Cím: 2800 Tatabánya, Táncsics M.36.
Telefon 34/332-584
Nyitva tartás H-V.:8-22.00
Szolgáltatásaink: The Wild Flower Restaurant and Inn was Tatabánya’s first hostel. We hope that for today we have managed to fit it out for a restaurant with a family atmosphere and home-made flavours. The owner, Ferenc H. Nagy and his family wait for you with light, dietary, international and vegetal dishes besides traditional and Hungarian ones and with brand-new, prominently equipped rooms.
baby friendlyFood ticketHalf boardRoom with bathGarden placeDogs allowedHungarian cousineNon-smokingNo. of rooms/bedsRoom serviceFull boardHoliday chequeInternetAir-conditioningMassageMinibarPrivate parking facilityTelevision
Animal patting

Vajai Vendégház
Cím: 8264 Szigliget, Külsõhegyi út 147.
Telefon 87/708-037, 0049-017-358-10119
Nyitva tartás februártól-novemberig
Szolgáltatásaink: Our guests are welcome in our lodging house with a vineyard in an atmosphere of intimacy, located 10 minutes away from the castle of Szigliget and the Lake Balaton.
No. of rooms/bedsFridgePrivate parking facilityRoom with bathWater-side ... mBicycle for hireBarbecueCamping siteBicycle storage placeTelevisionPlaying ground
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