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Youth hostel

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Alba Regia Táncegyesület
Cím: 8000 Székesfehérvár, Malom u. 6.
Telefon 22/312-795
Fax 22/312-795
Szolgáltatásaink: We await our guests at heart of the town Székesfehérvár within high standard surroundings. We are technically fully equipped to arrange conferences, further education trainings, business gatherings, weddings, dancing evenings in our theatre, performance and conference rooms. Accommodation for firms, friends’ circles, tourist groups, students also available.
living accomodationNo. of rooms/bedsGarden placeConference roomKitchenNon-smokingFridgeInternetBicycle storage placeAir-conditioningPrivate parking facilityTelephoneTelevision

Badacsony Fogadó(volt Egry)
Cím: 8258 Badacsonytomaj, Római.u.1.
Telefon 87/471-057
Nyitva tartás H.-V.:7,00-22,00
WinecellarAnglingHorse-ridingRestaurantPizzeriaBeer pubWatercraft for hireBicycle for hireNo. of rooms/bedsDance, musicConference roomTennisMassagePastry-shopDartsPierFootball pitchHoliday cheque

Bakony-ér Turistaház
Cím: 8562 Nagytevel, Kossuth u. 56.
Telefon 89/353-696, 30/532-5044
Szolgáltatásaink: Nagytevel lies at the foot of Bakony mountain, where Pápa plain and Bakonyalja meet. This is a beautiful environment 10 kilometres away from Pápa. It is a 35 hectare area lake with beach circled by forests and hills. The environment gives an enjoyable relaxation. Everybody can enjoy the sun, the water, can camp at the lake and go for a trip on the fixed route. A touristhouse (for 50 people) , an apartman with four beds, a tennis court and a gym wait our guests.

Bakonyvári Vadszõlõ Szálló és Étterem
Cím: 8427 Bakonybél, Fürdõ út 45.
Telefon 88/461-105
Fax 88/461-105
Nyitva tartás egész évben
FridgePrivate parking facilityRoom with bathRestaurantNo. of rooms/bedsVillage accomodationTelevision

Batthyányi Lajos Szakképzõ Iskola és Kollégium
Cím: 8500 Pápa, Külsõ-Veszprémi út 2.
Telefon 89/313-155

Capári Lovasiskola
Cím: 8330 Sümeg, Vároldal u. 5.
Telefon 87/550-087
Fax 87/550-088
Nyitva tartás egész évben
Szolgáltatásaink: This 300 year old stable building at the foot of the Castle of Sümeg awaits you throughout the year with different kinds of equestrian programmes according to the season. We arrange: equestrian camp for children in school vacation, school class excursions, horse riding tours, stagecoach riding. You can find here the Hussars’ Museum, Radetzky Academy, Pack Association of Sümeg and János Bottyán Equestrian Sports Association.
Wine tourismHalf boardliving accomodationRoom with bathGarden placeBreakfastWinecellarBarbecuePrivate parking facilityHorse-ridingTourHunting

Csákányospusztai Turistaház és Altábor
Cím: 2800 Tatabánya, Köztársaság u. Jubileum Park
Telefon 34/311-151
Fax 34/311-151
Nyitva tartás turistaház egész évben, altábor: 05.01-10.31
Szolgáltatásaink: The tourist house and camping site situated in the mountains of Vértes. To find it you need to know the route of the National Blue Tour (Kék Túra). The way you get there is by car on the route 100, by train from Szárliget station follow the blue footpath for 1,8 miles or on foot start at the end of the route bus 5 (Felsőgalla, bus stop) and go on the footpath for 1,5 miles. Discount for the schools in the forest from Monday to Friday. Further information on the phone.
No. of rooms/bedsBarbecueFridgeRoom with bathPing-pongKitchenVolleyballCamping siteTelevisionPlaying groundFootball pitch

Csokonai Mûvelõdési Központ
Cím: 2900 Komárom, Kelemen L. u. 7.
Telefon 34/342-208
Fax 34/540-064
Szolgáltatásaink: This camp is situated in a romantic pinewood in the district Koppánymonostor of the town Komárom only 2 minutes from River Danube. There are 11 wooden bungalows with shower and toilet (6 of them with heating) of a total capacity of 84 people. There are an activity room of 84 square metres, a dining room and a function room at command, which offer excellent opportunities for parallel activities both for holidaymakers and companies.
living accomodationConference roomKitchenBreakfastCamping siteNo. of rooms/bedsWater-side ... mFridgeBarbecueEvent managementPrivate parking facilityTelephoneTelevisionBilliardFootball pitchPing-pong

Cuhavölgye Vendégház
Cím: 8431 Vinye, Vinye 15
Telefon 70/510-89-50
Nyitva tartás egész évben
Szolgáltatásaink: Our guest house is located in Vinye, 30 km from Zirc, along Cuha stream in the heart of Bakony. We are waiting for our guests self-supporting kitchen, spacious eating place and lounge. The immediate environment can be ideal point of departure for bicycle and walking tours, mountaineering and cave tours.At heart of mountains of Bakony on the brook of Cuha 30 km from town of Zirc, 40 km of Győr away (good ccessibility both by train or road) we expect the visitors in our guest house in Vinye. Spacious dining room / lounge, full equipped kitchen are at disposal. Excellent opportunities nearby for walking, cycling, climbing, cave exploring.
baby friendlyliving accomodationGarden placeKitchenDogs allowedNon-smokingCamping siteNo. of rooms/bedsFridgePlaying groundBicycle storage placeBarbecuePrivate parking facilityTelevisionFootball pitchBicycle for hireHorse-ridingPing-pong

Diákszálló - Erdei Iskola
Cím: 2897 Dunaszentmiklós, Petõfi u. 52.
Telefon 34/491-819, 20/931-1819
Fax 34/491-819
Nyitva tartás egész évben
Szolgáltatásaink: Dunaszentmiklós situated in the most beautiful valley of the Gerecse mountain in the heart of the Neszmély Wine Region where young and old can relax. There are rooms for 20 persons.
Wine tourismGarden placeKitchenCamping siteNo. of rooms/bedsWater-side ... mFridgeBarbecueTelevisionAnglingPing-pongTourHuntingFor wheelchairSports equipment for hire
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