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 College, students' hostel
 Guest house
 Lodge, motel, pension
 Paying guest service
 Recreaition centre
 Tourist hotel
 Youth hostel
 Casino, gaming hall
 Catering devices
 Catering music
 Coffee bar
 Confectioner's, ice-bar
 Disco, bar
 Fast-food restaurant, pizzeria
 Pancakes, hamburgers
 Party organization
 Restaurant, tavern
 Snack bar, bistro
 Sport, recreation centre
 >> Wine bar, brasserie
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555 söröző
Cím: 2899 Naszály, Rákóczi u. 26
Telefon 34/479-777
Nyitva tartás egész évbern

Alagsor Sörözõ
Cím: 8100 Várpalota, Honvéd u. 1.
Telefon 70/339-2155
Nyitva tartás Cs.: 7.00-23.00,P-Szo.: 7.00-02.00,V.: 10.00-23.00
Szolgáltatásaink: We wait you in the city centre, in the basement of the Community Centre with good kind of beer and fastfood. Game facilities, at weekends rock-concerts. We give you information on our web-site.
DartsBilliardBeer pub

Albatrosz Étterem és Sörözõ
Cím: 2890 Tata, Alkotmány u. 5.
Telefon 30/650-5290
Nyitva tartás 11h-tõl
Szolgáltatásaink: The Albatrosz Brasseries, Pizzeria and Restaurant is directly situated at the shore of the lake, 100 metres from the Tata Castle. Its garden which can accommodate 50 people looks out on the lake. We wait for our guests with home-made and overseas specialities, excellent Italian pizzas, a wide range of beer and wine, refreshments and tasty ice-creams.
RestaurantAir-conditioningWinecellarBeer pubEvent management

Amnézia Sörözõ
Cím: 2800 Tatabánya, Táncsics u. 61.
Telefon 30/684-8729
Nyitva tartás H-V.: 15.00-21.00
Szolgáltatásaink: We offer programme arrangements with food and drink up to 150 people.
For wheelchairDance, musicPrivate parking facilityBeer pubDogs allowedBarbecueConference roomInternetBicycle storage placeTelevision

Amstel Sörözõ
Cím: 2800 Tatabánya, Szt. Borbála tér
Telefon 06/34/311-032
Nyitva tartás H-V.:09.00-21.00

Apartman Hotel Gárdony
Cím: 2483 Gárdony, Holdfény sétány 3.
Telefon 22/355-111,20/539-1522
Fax 22/355-857
Nyitva tartás egész évben
Szolgáltatásaink: Hotel Gárdony Apartman can be found within 10 minutes walk from the city centre, directly at the shore of the lake. We provide the comfotable accomodation in feel-at-home surroundings, in well-equipped double-bed rooms and rooms with four beds, with bathroom. In case of demand we can provide the meals of our guests. The confe-rence room of the hotel is totally suitable for 60 people to stage business programmes, trade trainings, teamworks, further vocational trainings.
AnglingHorse-ridingBarDance, musicFridgePrivate parking facilityRoom with bathPing-pongRestaurantBeer pubDogs allowedDirect access to water-sideNo. of rooms/bedsBarbecueConference roomTennisHuntingInternet
PierCamping siteBicycle storage placeTelevisionPlaying groundWater-sportsBilliardHoliday cheque

Aranykalász Étterem Aréna Cafe
Cím: 8500 Pápa, Korvin u. 17.
Telefon 89/313-421, 30/997-6213
Fax 89/313-421
Nyitva tartás , Nyugdíjas és Gyermek csoportoknak étkezés 600 Ft
Szolgáltatásaink: Friendly restaurant and sport brasserie in the centre of Pápa, not only for sports fan. Our services: private rooms for 26, 60 or 120 person, take-outs, air-conditioning, huge projector, car park, party organization, foreign languages menus, pizza delivery.
Air-conditioningFor wheelchairDance, musicPrivate parking facilityRestaurantPizzeriaHoliday cheque

Aranykutya Sörözõ
Cím: 2800 Tatabánya, Szent Borbála tér 4.
Telefon 34/311-623
Nyitva tartás H-V.: 10.00-22.00-ig
Szolgáltatásaink: We wait for you in our intimate brasserie which is situated in Tatabánya’s heart in the shopping centre in St. Borbala Square. Concerts and parties are organized in the yard at weekends in summer. There is a wide choice of beer and excellent atmosphere.
Beer pub

Árpád Sörözõ és Étterem
Cím: 8100 Várpalota, Árpád u. 19.
Telefon 20/461-7387, 20/975-4082
Nyitva tartás H-Cs.: 10,00-22,00 P-Szo.: 10,00-02,00 V.: 10,00-2
Dance, musicPrivate parking facilityRestaurantBeer pub

Beach Bár
Cím: 2890 Tata, Fáklya u., Strandterület
Telefon 70/314-3157
Szolgáltatásaink: We wait our nice guests on the shore of the Old Lake at the end of the buffets in Fáklya Street. Our service: water bicycle, boot, kayak and bicycle borrow, warm and cold drinks and house-proud dishes.
Horse-ridingDance, musicPrivate parking facilityDirect access to water-sideWatercraft for hireBicycle for hireWater-sportsRestaurantBeer pub
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