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 College, students' hostel
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 Recreaition centre
 Tourist hotel
 Youth hostel
 Casino, gaming hall
 Catering devices
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 Disco, bar
 Fast-food restaurant, pizzeria
 Pancakes, hamburgers
 Party organization
 Restaurant, tavern
 Snack bar, bistro
 Sport, recreation centre
 Wine bar, brasserie
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Puksa Cukrászda
Cím: 2510 Dorog, Bécsi út 24
Telefon 33/431-620
Nyitva tartás H-P 9-19 ; Szo: 9-18 ; Vas: 13-18.

Randevú Cukrászda és Eszpresszó
Cím: 2061 Bicske, Kossuth u. 8.
Telefon 22/350-158
Fax 22/350-158
Nyitva tartás K-V.: 9.00-18.00 H.: szünnap

Rebényi Gyula Mestercukrász
Cím: 8000 Székesfehérvár, Szeredi u. 62.
Telefon 22/303-595
Fax 22/303-595
Nyitva tartás K-P:09.00-17.00,Szo:09.00-17.00

Sasi Panzió I-II.
Cím: 2500 Esztergom, I. Vécsey út 1, II. Kiss J. u. 50.
Telefon 33/630-115 ; 30/52-54-523
Szolgáltatásaink: Our guest-house can be found 200 meters away from the Cathedral of Esztergom and 10 minutes from the aqua park. The apartments can sleep 3, 4, 5 and 6 persons each, with furnished American kitchen, bathroom and cable TV, and cars can be parked in a closed yard. In June 2007 we are going to open our second guest-house with a closed parking lot, where our guests are welcome in 13 double or three bedrooms with bathroom. Holiday cheques are accepted. Everybody is welcome.
AnglingHorse-ridingDance, musicPrivate parking facilityPing-pongDirect access to water-sideSweating roomWatercraft for hireBarbecueConference roomSweating roomKitchenFootball pitchHoliday chequeFood ticketRestaurantTennisMassage

Stop Cukrászda és Sörözõ
Cím: 2800 Tatabánya, Sárberki ltp.
Telefon 34/330-662
Fax 34/304-633
E-mail: info@stopcukrá
Nyitva tartás cukrászda: Sze-V:8.00-18.00; sörözõ: 12.00-24.00
Szolgáltatásaink: The offer of our confectioner’s are self-prepared ice creams, decorated cakes, pastries, always fersh scones, ice-cream cakes. In our first-style Cafe - Brasserie we offer self-prepared confectionaries, cocktails and drink specialities for local consumption. We give 10% discount in case of ordering of decorated cakes.
Beer pubAir-conditioningPastry-shopPrivate parking facility

Takács Presszó és Pizzéria
Cím: 8565 Béb, Kossuth u. 52.
Telefon 20/564-7859
Nyitva tartás H-Cs., V.: 10-22; P-Szo.: 10-24
Szolgáltatásaink: Our Pizzeria lies between Pápa and Bakonybél on the main road. Of a high standard catering establishment with hot food for 80-100 person. We await our dear guests with polite serving, pizza fried on an own made stone. Reserving table in the case of bigger number of people.
Private parking facilityPizzeriaBeer pubBarAir-conditioningBarbecuePastry-shopBicycle storage placePlaying ground

Vadgesztenye Vendéglõ
Cím: 2800 Tatabánya, Hadsereg u. 133.
Telefon 34/425-318, 30/9690-352
Fax 34/510-240
Nyitva tartás Egész évben:6.30-22.00
Szolgáltatásaink: We await our guests in the so-called “garden town” district of Tatabánya, in one of the most beautiful designed restaurants and confectionaries. It has a real family atmosphere on an area of circa 240 square metres. We offer the opportunity of arranging family, business or friends’ circles programmes and gatherings up to 100 people. Every Saturday evening dance!
living accomodationEvent managementBeer pubTelephone

Vikor Cukrászda
Cím: 2890 Tata, Váralja u.18.
Telefon 34/481-802, 20/961-8925
Fax 34/481-802
Nyitva tartás nyáron: H-V.: 10.00-21.00 télen: H-V.: 10.00-20.00
Szolgáltatásaink: Our elegant confectioner’s shop (24 people) lies on the shore of the Old Lake near the castle, at the Castle bend. Our garden is available for 36 people. We wait our nice guests with cakes made at place, and with cooked ice-cream. We accept orders for wedding cakes with flowers.
Pastry-shopPizzeriaWater-side ... m

Viktória Étterem
Cím: 2534 Tát, Váci M. u. 1/A (10-es fõút mellett)
Telefon 33/444-235, 30/276-0047
Nyitva tartás K-V: 12.00-20.00 óráig
Szolgáltatásaink: It can be found along the main road10 with a capacity of 70 people. We can undertake polite serving and organizing exclusive parties and programmes. Over house-proud, Hungarian and International gastronomical specialities we wait our guests with live music in weekends.
For wheelchairPrivate parking facilityRestaurantPastry-shopTelephoneBicycle storage placeFood ticket

Wamby Cukrászda
Cím: 2836 Baj, Petõfi u. 12.
Telefon 34/488-154
Szolgáltatásaink: We offer home-made ice creams, cakes, coffee-specialities, biscuits, wedding and occasional ornamental cakes to special order. We serve dealers as well.
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