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Csutora Étterem
Cím: 2484 Gárdony-Agárd, Balatoni út 131
Telefon 22/370-659, 30/939-0747
Fax 22/370-659
Szolgáltatásaink: Since 2006 our restaurant has always been among the 100 best ones rated in Hungary. Its conditions, atmosphere enable it to arrange programmes for families and friends’ parties up to 170 people. In our café guests find excellent pastry, ice cream and coffee specialities. In the evenings and on Sundays at lunchtime you can enjoy your meal at live music. Our house bears a special patronage award plaque.
living accomodationGarden placeHoliday chequedebit/credit cardEvent managementPrivate parking facility

Esküvõ és minden ami esküvõi...
Cím: 8600 Siófok, Kele u. 52
Telefon 70/281-4583

HB Étterem, Sörözõ és Kiskõrösi Borozó
Cím: 2840 Oroszlány, Bánki u. l2/A.
Telefon 34/361-920
Nyitva tartás V-P.:11.30-22.00, Szo.:11.30-02.00
Szolgáltatásaink: We offer our guests Hungarian meals and on Saturdays live music. 11.30 to 15 o’clock those, who like delicious food, can choose from five set meals. We undertake to arrange family events in our banquet-hall for up to 120 people.
Food ticketGarden placeConference roomKitchenDirect access to water-sideHungarian cousineNon-smokingWinecellarPrivate parking facilityBeer pubTelephoneTelevisionDance, music

P & P
Cím: 2800 Tatabánya, Kikelet u. 8.
Telefon 20/9817-869, 20/913-4269

Pikant és Pikan-Tó Étterem
Cím: 2890 Tata, Építõk Parkja
Telefon 34/480-480, 34/489-372
Fax 34/589-899
Nyitva tartás Nyitva: Pikant: H-V.: 11.30-23.00 Pikan Tó: V-Cs.: 11.30-24.
Szolgáltatásaink: We wait for our kind guests in our two intimate restaurants which are situated at the shore of Öreg Lake in Tata. The intimate and homy atmosphere of our Pikant restaurant is made complete by the winter garden which is opened in summer and covered in winter and by the fireplace placed in it. The neighbouring Pikantó restaurant pampers its guests with Mediterranean meal specialities and dazzling cocktails. At weekends we see to the pleasant entertainment with live music in both restaurants of ours.
Air-conditioningVillage accomodationPizzeriaFor wheelchairBarbecuePrivate parking facilityDirect access to water-sideVolleyballPierPlaying groundDance, music

Revans Band
Cím: 2800 Tatabánya, Sárberki ltp. 215
Telefon 34/311-718, 20/9642-619

Royal Casino és Söröző
Cím: 2800 Tatabánya, Fõ tér 14/D
Telefon 34/309-745,30/746-6882
Fax 34/433-090
Nyitva tartás Non-stop
Hirdetés Megtekintéshez kattintson ide!
Szolgáltatásaink: The Royal Brasserie and the President Amusement Arcade situated in the heart of Tatabánya can create excellent mood for every guest who want to have a good time. We wait for you with friendly prices and kind service in a renewed environment. Our air-conditioned rooms ensure pleasant recreation. Our 100- person terrace is unique. People can try their fortune non-stop in our amusement arcade. The Jackpot system guarantees extra winnings
Garden placeDogs allowedCasinoInternetBicycle storage placeAir-conditioningPrivate parking facilityBeer pubTelevisionDance, music

Szotyori Duó
Cím: 2800 Tatabánya, Mártírok u. 49. IV/2.
Telefon 20/976-3701
Nyitva tartás egész évben

Vadgesztenye Vendéglõ
Cím: 2800 Tatabánya, Hadsereg u. 133.
Telefon 34/425-318, 30/9690-352
Fax 34/510-240
Nyitva tartás Egész évben:6.30-22.00
Szolgáltatásaink: We await our guests in the so-called “garden town” district of Tatabánya, in one of the most beautiful designed restaurants and confectionaries. It has a real family atmosphere on an area of circa 240 square metres. We offer the opportunity of arranging family, business or friends’ circles programmes and gatherings up to 100 people. Every Saturday evening dance!
living accomodationEvent managementBeer pubTelephone
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